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Our programs and services are centered around organizational advancement through capacity building with a focus on organizational leadership and technology. The National Council of Nonprofits defines capacity building as:

Capacity building is whatever is needed to bring a nonprofit to the next level of operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational maturity, so it may more effectively and efficiently advance its mission into the future. Capacity building is not a one-time effort to improve short-term effectiveness, but a continuous improvement strategy toward the creation of a sustainable and effective organization.
We offer these services to small business, nonprofit, education, and government agencies. Review our complete list of programs and services below.


Launch your MISSION FORWARD by fostering strong leadership. Our customizable program will help guide your organization through leadership hurdles, enhance relationships, and strengthen your foundation. Services provided within this program can include (based on interest and need):

For Nonprofits

  • Board Governance & Development (General and community boards)
  • Committee management and leadership
  • CEO and Board Relationship
  • The Role of the CEO
For Any Business
  • Business Plan Review and Coaching - New/Revitalizing Businesses
  • Strategic Planning - Short and Long Term
  • Change Management - Guidance And Support
  • Internal Structuring - Preparing For Growth


At the core of every agency is the structure that supports it, consisting of internal communications, databases, trainings, and organizational processes. This customizable program is geared towards evaluating and streamlining these systems in order to optimize productivity. The result means a stronger, more impactful mission. Services available to you through this program are suitable for all agency types and can include (based on need and interest):

  • Review of Free and Low-Cost Technology Solutions
  • Internal Systems and Database Review
  • Implementation of Systems
  • Change Management
  • Technology and Systems Trainings
NOTE: If you are looking for a program that includes all of the services above and a resulting long-term strategic technology plan please look at our Strategic Technology Plan program. The Streamline Your Systems program is for organizations looking for a more customizable plan to cover immediate needs, not long term planning. 



A strategic technology plan is a technological roadmap that brings your MISSION FORWARD to next stage in the organization's IT life cycle. As agencies evolve, so does technology; and the future and sustainability of any business rely heavily on keeping up with these advancements. Our plan is suitable for any agency type and will give you a complete 360 view of your current state and future needs including:

  • Review of current IT infrastructure
  • Assessment of future needs
  • Research new software and systems to achieve future needs
  • Create a timeline for implementation with full budget
NOTE: This is different than the services in our "Streamline Your Systems" option, in that it generates a complete package and plan where with the other program you can select which services you wish to engage in as needed. This program is ideal for an agency looking for longterm planning and growth, not just immediate needs.


The world of fundraising requires wearing many hats to be successful: storyteller, marketer, advocate, event planner, public relations specialist, staff leader, and community icon. Amid all this juggling the department is also tasked with data management, organizational systems, and documentation. To top it off there is the grim reality that most fundraising departments are understaffed. Through our customizable fundraising innovation program, we will help bring your development department to the next level of organization.

This program is mostly targeting nonprofit and education organizations. Some of the topics we can address through our program include:

  • Shared Development Drive Review And Organization Assessment
  • Website Assessment With Enhancement Plan
  • Online Fundraising Tools Advisement
  • Donor Database (CRM) Review And Enhancement Plan
  • Donor Database (CRM) Best Practices Training
  • Technology Training For Better Communication And Organization


Starting a new program but not sure the best systems to put into place for optimal productivity and tracking your deliverables? Help ensure the implementation of a program with a sustainable impact! Allow me to help build your new program from the ground up either during the grant writing process or after the award is already received. This program is targeted more for nonprofit organizations. Our customizable program can help you:

  • Implement Client Management Systems
  • Create Deliverable Tracking Methods
  • Design Communication Methods For Program Staff And Clients
  • Provide Systems And Technology Training



In addition to the above programs and services we also have these additional services which can be added on to any contract or contracted for separately:

  • Ongoing Coaching: A monthly retainer program making ongoing guidance and support relating to any of our programs. 
  • Training, Workshops, Speaking: Need someone to speak to your group on any of our areas of expertise? Just let us know! 
  • Creation Of A New Agency Intranet: add-on service which creates an internal website to facilitate internal communications and training throughout the agency. 
  • Creation Of A New Mission Focused Agency Website: We will tailor a new custom website for your agency that is geared towards successful fundraising while also catering to your clients' needs.
  • CRM Research and Implementation: Are you working with an outdated system? Maybe your current system requires too may add-on's to work efficiently? Or perhaps you do not have a donor or client management system? We can help you research and implement the best system for your organization's needs, and provide full training and guidelines for future use and management. 
  • Online Fundraising Tools Research and Implementation: Are you stuck with a donor management system that is not website friendly, and want to find a cost-effective way to marry your website to your donor database? Looking for a more impactful and efficient way to interact with your donors? Maybe you want to launch a peer-to-peer fundraising event and need help finding the best system to run it? We can help you research and implement the best system for your organization's needs, and provide full training and guidelines for future use and management. 



Launching your MISSION FORWARD through organizational advancement.

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